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Links to the Founders

Benjamin Franklin:
Printer, author, inventor, scientist, philanthropist, statesman, diplomat, and public official.

George Washington:
Surveyor, revolutionary war general, the first president. He has been called "Father of our country."

James Madison:
President; served in the Continental Congress; referred to as the "Father of the Constitution"

John Adams:
President; delegate to the First and Second Continental Congresses; political philosopher.

Sam Adams:
Called "the greatest incendiary in the Empire" by Royal Governor Thomas Hutchinson.

George Mason:
Proponent of Bill of Rights; favored constitution with balance of power weighted toward states.

Thomas Jefferson:
President; author of the Declaration of Independence.

Links to other notable people

Grover Cleveland:
Only president to serve two non-consecutive terms; he vetoed 414 bills.

Franklin Pierce:
President; Vetoed a bill that he stated was federal extra-constitutional legislation

William Rawle:
Author of A view of the Constitution of the United States