'Money Heist' may have come to an end last year, but a new era is about to unfold halfway across the world in Korea.

The success of 'Money Heist' or 'La Casa de Papel' as it was known in Spanish was unprecedented. Debuting in 2017, the show lasted five seasons and amassed a massive following worldwide, making it Netflix's most successful foreign-language series of all time.

That was, however, until Korean series 'Squid Game' blew it out of the water. It doesn't make its success any less impressive, though. It was announced last year that a prequel spinoff, 'Berlin', was in the works, starring the enigmatic character from the original series.

Also announced was a Korean version of the show. Given the success of the original show and 'Squid Game', it feels like a natural progression for the franchise. This week, we got our first glimpse at what 'Money Heist: Korea' entails.

The plot involves the fictional backdrop of the reunification of North and South Korea. The Professor (Yoo Ji-tae) comes up with a plan to steal 4 trillion won from the Korea Unified Mint. He forms a team to pull off the heist and a hostage situation breaks out. South Korean negotiation specialist Seon Woojin (Kim Yunjin) and former North Korean special agent Cha Moohyuk (Kim Seung-o) have to work together to bring down the criminals.

A familiar face for fans of 'Squid Game' is Park Hae-Soo, who plays Berlin in the upcoming crime series.

The plot is similar in essence to the original series, however the twist of Korean reunification and the ramifications involved will be interesting to see pan out.

Check out the trailer for 'Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area' below.

'Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area' releases on Netflix on June 24.