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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Michele Schneider
2023 Could Be All About Junk Bonds By Michele Schneider - Jan 04, 2023 1

Now that we are one day into the new year, there are 2 pieces of advice we can give you. First, is to learn a strategy and then become a specialist in that strategy. For example, why not pick phases?...

James Picerno
Have U.S. Yields Peaked? By James Picerno - Dec 20, 2022 1

Markets continue to fall, and trailing yields continue to rise. The inverse relationship, in theory, presents yield-hungry investors with enhanced opportunity. The challenge, as always, is whether to...

Blake Morrow
U.S. 10-Year Yields About to Head Higher? By Blake Morrow  - Dec 15, 2022

10-Year US Yields About to Rebound Higher?The United States 10-Year Yields have been pulling back since toping back in October at 4.33% but are they about to rebound from current levels? The market...

Chris Kimble
Are Investment Grade Bonds About to Rally? By Chris Kimble - Dec 07, 2022

Considering our national debt and the debts of companies and consumers, it’s evident that the bond market is critical to our economy. This is likely why the iShares iBoxx Investment Grade Corporate...

Дмитрий Александров
Что происходит с рынком ВДО после 24 февраля?   By Дмитрий Александров - Nov 28, 2022

ИК "Иволга Капитал" подготовила статистику и проанализировала данные по рынку. Полный обзор см. в прикрепленном файле.Краткие выводы: Объемы новых размещений ВДО стабилизировались на уровне 750 – 1000...

Gary Tanashian
Bearish Signals for Gold? By Gary Tanashian - Nov 25, 2022

For someone who uses the bond markets as important indicators to the macro analysis, I am the furthest thing from an astute bond trader and am certainly not a bond investor. This probably owes to the...

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